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Ropeway Systems

ASE Clamp
Clamp Types

ASE Clamp

The ASE clamp is used in our detachable system. It was newly developed to meet the high requirements placed on modern ropeway systems. It is certified and calculated according to CE standards and thus offers the highest level of safety and reliability.

Detachable System
System Types

Detachable System

Our most advanced ropeway system. Built for high transport capacities and long distances. With variable transport speed and a cabin capacity from 4 to 10 persons. The system can be upgraded at any time.

Fixed Grip Clamp
Clamp Types

Fixed Grip Clamp

This clamp is used in our fixed-grip system. There are different variations for cabins with single and double hangers. It can be used in both ciruclating and revolving systems. Of course it also offers the highest level of security and reliability.

Fixed Grip System
System Types

Fixed Grip System

Our Fixed-grip group gondola systems are more cost effective at lower transport capacities and short distances. They carry groups of 2, 3 or 4 cabins with variable transport speed and cabin sizes.

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What We Offer

ROWEMA provides a wide range of services.


The entire engineering and design of our ropeway systems takes place in-house.

Rowema is using modern design- and simulation software to provide a maximum of reliability and safety in every ropeway component and the complete ropeway system.


Due to our long-standing experience and know-how we are able to assist and guide you in the development and realization of your project.

Starting from the initial idea to the design, project management and production right through to commissioning and maintenance of the ropeway.


The majority of the parts are manufactured locally in our production hall. There are workplaces for assembly, welding and maintenance work.

We have excellent contacts with reliable suppliers in order to acquire the material, tools and machines we need for the entire production.


We carry out maintenance work for all ropeway components. In our hall we are ideally equipped for the quick processing of maintenance orders.

The maintenance includes, among other things, the replacement of wear parts, the restoration of surface protection, the elimination of identified defects, the lubrication and much more. Furthermore, all parts that require non-destructive testing (NDT) are tested and certified.

About Us

about us

We, ROWEMA AG, are working continuously on the design of modern ropeways with our main focus on economically reasonable detachable and fixed-grip monocable systems. We are looking forward to support you in the realization of your ropeway project.

Our Background

In 1947 GMD was founded by Gerhard Müller – one of the important swiss ropeway pioneers. The product main line included Skilifts, Handle Tows, Chairlifts and Cabin lifts. The popular GMD ropeways were built all over the world.

GMD was taken over by the management in a buy-out in 1985 and has been called ROWEMA AG since then. Therefore, ROWEMA is considered the legitimate successor to GMD.

Rowema/GMD Ropeways are in operation worldwide

Europe: Sweden, Norway, Netherland, Switzerland, Turkey, Great Britain, Spain
North America: Canada, USA, Mexico
Central- and South America: Panama, Argentina, Brasil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Peru
Africa: South Africa
Asia: Japan, Macao, Philippines, India, Pakistan, China
Oceania: Australia and New Zealand